Did You Know That Gus Fring’s Chicken Joint From “Breaking Bad” Has A Yelp Page?

“Get the fried chicken it is really addictive can’t quite explain why.”

1. Because the Internet is the Internet, it looks as though Gus Fring’s fictious Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken joint has its own Yelp page.

2. It has a photo section, showcasing some satisfied customers enjoying a meal.

4. And it has some pretty rave reviews:

7. For the record, there is a REAL Los Pollos Hermanos in Albuquerque, sort of. The restaurant it’s based on —Twisters — has a lot of Breaking Bad swag inside.

8. A lot of diehard Breaking Bad fans make pilgrimages to Twisters so they can grab a bite to eat in “Walt’s booth.”

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