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Colorado's Department Of Transportation Just Made Three Pretty Much Perfect Marijuana PSAs

Sure, being stoned is legal in Colorado, just don't drive.

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The Colorado Department Of Transportation started their new “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign Monday. The commercials take on the topic of stoned driving with a really great sense of humor.

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The ads include a man installing a TV stoned, only to have it fall off the wall, a man spacing out while playing basketball, and a man who got high and forgot to get a propane tank for his grill.

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The idea being that in Colorado it's fine to get high in your own house, but you can't go driving around stoned.

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According to the Department Of Transportation's release on the campaign, the commercials will air on television shows that are geared towards men in their 20s and early 30s, as that demographic tends to have the most drunk driving violations:

In 2012, there were 630 drivers involved in 472 motor vehicle fatalities on Colorado roadways. Of the 630 drivers involved, 286 were tested for drugs. Nearly 27 percent of drivers tested had a positive drug test, with 12 percent testing positive for cannabis.

The official kick-off of CDOT's new Drive High, Get a DUI campaign includes a series of television commercials that will air during shows targeting males between the ages 21-34, who tend to have the highest number of DUIs. There will also be widespread outreach to rental car companies and dispensaries to inform tourists and marijuana users about marijuana driving laws in Colorado.