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Posted on May 21, 2013

Chinese Photoshop Trolls Are Way Funnier Than American Photoshop Trolls

The lesson here is you should never ask Weibo users to make you look cooler in a photograph.

Photoshop Request: “I want to look more dangerous.”

Photoshop Request: “I want to look like the son of a powerful politician!”

Photoshop Request: “Make me look like hot shit, please!”

Photoshop Request: “My friend behind me looks a little dull. Can you make him more dramatic?”

Photoshop Request: “I want to look like a hero with courage!”

Photoshop Request: “This is me celebrating my graduation. Can you make it look more like a celebration?”

Photoshop Request: “Can you make me look less bored?”

Photoshop Request: “Lose the clothes, more tattoos, and I want a knife. Make me look like the kind of person who would take all your money and your life.”

Photoshop Request: “I wanna look more like a hero. Maybe put a lady in there?”

Photoshop Request: “Dear artisans, please make this background more powerful.”

Photoshop Request: “That kid walked into the shot. I don’t want any kids in this photo.”

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