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Chinese Photoshop Trolls Are Way Funnier Than American Photoshop Trolls

The lesson here is you should never ask Weibo users to make you look cooler in a photograph.

Photoshop Request: “I want to look more dangerous.”

Photoshop Request: “I want to look like the son of a powerful politician!”

Photoshop Request: “Make me look like hot shit, please!”

Photoshop Request: “My friend behind me looks a little dull. Can you make him more dramatic?”

Photoshop Request: “I want to look like a hero with courage!”

Photoshop Request: “This is me celebrating my graduation. Can you make it look more like a celebration?”

Photoshop Request: “Can you make me look less bored?”

Photoshop Request: “Lose the clothes, more tattoos, and I want a knife. Make me look like the kind of person who would take all your money and your life.”

Photoshop Request: “I wanna look more like a hero. Maybe put a lady in there?”

Photoshop Request: “Dear artisans, please make this background more powerful.”

Photoshop Request: “That kid walked into the shot. I don’t want any kids in this photo.”

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