Blink-182’s New EP Is Probably As Good As They’re Going To Sound

Is it perfect? Nope, but if this is what new Blink-182 is going to sound like that’s A-OK.

1. “When I Was Young”

Does It Sound Like Blink-182?
Yes. It also sounds new. The opening track has all of the elements that pop up throughout the EP – delayed guitar, strange electronica, the classic Blink dual vocal – and throws them all together.

2. “Disaster”

Does It Sound Like Blink-182?
This one sounds more like Angels and Airwaves than Blink-182. It’s also probably the most seamless blend of Angels and Airwaves and +44 “new Blink” has pulled off sense they got back together. It has that spacey AVA guitar with lots of airy feedback, but with strong old school Blink flourishes that ground it nicely.

3. “Dogs Eating Dogs”

Does It Sound Like Blink-182?
Yes. Hell yes it does. This sounds like it could be an outtake from their 2003 self-titled album Hoppus sings lead trading off with Delonge for choruses and sounds exactly like “Obvious” or “GO,” which at this point in their career might be as “traditional” as they’re going to sound.

4. “Boxing Day”

Does It Sound Like Blink-182?
Sort of, kind of. The acoustic, jaunty Christmas song “Boxing Day” is actually a really nice song. It feels like Blink-182 without being super derivative.

5. “Pretty Little Girl”

Does It Sound Like Blink-182?
Short-answer: No. But it doesn’t really sound like Angels and Airwaves or +44 either. It opens with dancy synths and a really Travis Barker-doing-Travis Barker rhythm, but it ends up sounding more like The Killers. That is, until the rapping happens. The bridge features a verse from Yelawolf which isn’t as weird as you’d imagine, but it’s still weird.

Let’s face it, they’re not going to remake Chesire Cat, and that’s really not fair to expect in the first place. But Dogs Eating Dogs is pretty good step in the right direction. At the end of the day, with bands like Blink-182 you just don’t want them making an Uno, Dos, or Tres.

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