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22 Boyfriends Who Knew Exactly What To Do When They Got The Call From The Bae

Love is a very powerful motivator.

1. The guy who knew that some things are more important than Jay Z and Beyoncé.

2. The guy who knew winning isn't everything.

3. The guy who knew how to juggle his responsibilities.

4. The guy who knew that love is the real battlefield.

5. The guy who wouldn't let anything get in the way.

6. This pilot.

7. The guy who knew that love is eternal.

8. The guy who knew what Jesus was really saying about loving one another.

9. This baby bird.

10. The guy who knew the real meaning of "disaster preparedness kit."

11. The guy who knew how to think outside of the box.

12. This total expert behind the wheel.

13. The guy who was trapped in a lawn mower for some reason.

14. The guy who knew the importance of playing hooky once in a while.

15. The guy in this giant robot.

16. The guy who decided to improvise his way out of a tough spot.

17. The guy who thankfully found a tiny submarine at exactly the right moment.

18. The guy who rose to the occasion when he was needed most.

19. The guy who wasn't afraid to get totally swept away.

20. The guy who, uh...

21. The guy who knew that there's only one thing is more important than love.

22. And the guy who wouldn't let a couple continents get in his way.