Avril Lavigne Just Put Out The Most Cringeworthy Music Video Of The Year

UPDATE: Avril claims the video wasn’t racist because she’s been to Japan before.

1. This is the video for “Hello Kitty,” the newest single from Avril Lavigne.

Video available at:

2. It features Avril yelling things like “arigato” and “kawaii.”


3. Avril also makes a lot of, like, meowing cat motions at the camera.

4. As she walks around what appears to be Japan?

5. With her very bored-looking backup dancers.

6. “Please help me.”

7. She also plays a big guitar and does a weird dance thing with her backup dancers.


8. She has a Skrillex haircut now too.

9. Also, from a cultural standpoint, people aren’t exactly psyched about Avril appropriating Japanese kawaii culture.

Avril calls her song Hello Kitty + asian backup dancers, Im sorry but if she werent so vapid Id call it racist but she dont know any better

— CoMa (@iamnotcoma)

actual racist avril lavigne

— Matt Stewart (@SrQuibbles)

the only thing i enjoyed about avril's hello kitty song was the pastel colours lmao tat video was damn racist

— moe moe kyun (@shizumeme)

ok avril lavigne's new song and video is just racist and ew ew ew NO WHY DO YOU WHITE ARTISTS DO THIS

— thatmiranda (@TheMirranda)

13. Oh, and as if it couldn’t get any worse? Chad Kroeger helped write it.

14. And it also might be about him too.

15. And lastly, just a reminder: Avril Lavigne is 29 years old…

16. …and “Complicated” came out 12 years ago.

17. UPDATE: It seems as though the video has been pulled down off YouTube for copyright. You can still watch it on her website though.

18. UPDATE: Avril Lavigne has responded to her controversial video.

RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video…

— Avril Lavigne (@AvrilLavigne)

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