An Artist Made A Bunch Of Hilarious Fake Posters That Advertise Photoshop As Though It Were A Beauty Product

    "For that poreless android look you'll never achieve in real life."

    These posters were put together by artist Anna Hill.

    The inspiration was from noticing beauty ads over the years looking unrealistically perfect, and thinking that they may as well be advertising Photoshop than what they sell. I just decided to make a fun, exaggerated parody of the ads and turn them around to make Photoshop the beauty product, instead.

    She says that, for the most, part people have thought the ads were pretty funny.

    Most people have been awesome and supportive. I have seen plenty of negative comments, saying that I'm trying to make myself feel better by saying all models are ugly, which obviously was not the point. Most people have seen pictures of celebrities without makeup, with cellulite, and so on.

    More than anything, Hill just wanted to point out that no one can live up to the unrealistic standard of photoshopped images.