Everything You Need To Know About “Yo,” The New Hot App That Just Got $1 Million Dollars In Funding


There is a new app called “Yo,” you can download it for iOS and Android devices.

1. Yesterday it was announced that it received $1 million in venture capital.

2. The way it works is, you download the app, make a username, and then send other people a small notification that makes a sound that says “yo.”

3. It is yet to be seen if “Yo” will become the next big app, but if early reactions are any indication…

@JamesLiamCook I deleted Yo.

— Abi Wilkinson (@AbiWilks)

I deleted Yo.

— Cal (@TotalBearface)

3 of us in the studio just downloaded the Yo app… We annoyed each other so much within the space of 5 minutes, we’ve all just deleted it!

— Jamie Spafford (@JamieSpafford)

Downloaded Yo. Opened Yo. Deleted Yo. Well, there's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

— ED (@edwardzchin)

Just deleted both Yo and Slingshot.

— Harshil Shah (@HarshilShah1910)

I just download Yo. the deleted it because I could just text.

— Alfonso Lehman (@MyNamesNotLemon)

I downloaded Yo. I opened Yo. I deleted Yo. That app looks hideous :s

— Josh Curtis (@PhoenixFire92)

installed Yo. Sent a few Yos. Received a few. Uninstalled.

— Hetal Rach (@heytal)

#Yo installed and uninstalled #bye

— Rohit Bawa (@rohitbawa)

@jaylee if I hadn’t already uninstalled it, I would send you a yo. Unfortunately after an hour it got pretty boring.

— Lee Hutchinson (@Lee_Ars)

I downloaded Yo and sent a yo and then was like "yo this is awful" and uninstalled it immediately.

— joshuafoust (@joshuafoust)

Just installed Yo, tried it, and instantly uninstalled it.

— Tom Hoare (@HoareTom)

Yo is the worst app ever.

— Andrew Ryno (@andrewryno)

The 'Yo' app is hands down the worst app ever created....

— Eric Rosini (@leaveit_2bEaVR)

"Yo." "Yo." "Yo." "Yo." *destroys all technology, buys rotary phone*

— Michele Catalano (@inthefade)

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