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Actual Snakes Were On An Actual Plane In Papua New Guinea

A snake hitched a ride on the wing of a Qantas flight Thursday morning, much to the surprise of passengers inside.

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About 20 minutes into a 6:15am flight from Cairns to Port Moresby on Thursday, a passenger noticed a snake on the wing / Via http://Photographer%20Robert%20Weber

Unfortunately for the snake, as the plane gained altitude, freezing temperatures and high speed of the aircraft took its toll. / Via http://Robert%20Weber

The passenger told the flight crew ''There's a snake on the wing … There's its head and if you look closely you can see a fraction of its body.''

The president of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association believes that the snake crawled up inside the landing bay and fell asleep before take-off.

A spokesperson for Qantas Airlines told reporters that this is not a common problem.

According to passengers, the snake hung on for most of the flight. Sadly, though, the snake did not survive landing.

(Sources:, The Age)

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