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    A Teenager Wrote A Gigantic Inspirational Message To His Mom In The Snow Next To Her Hospital

    William Hart stomped out the words "Hi mom God bless u!" huge in the snow next to his mom's hospital room.

    The nurses of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago spotted this huge message written in snow. They posted a picture of it on Facebook Monday, writing:

    We can only assume this message, which Rush nurse Angela Washek spotted early Sunday atop the Rush parking garage, was intended for a patient in the Tower across the street.

    "No matter how cold it gets," Washek says, "there is always a message of warmth if we just open our eyes to see it."

    The question was, who was the message for? Turns out the message was written for Sharon Hart. She's currently at Rush Medical getting treatment for acute myeloid leukemia. Her 14-year-old son William and his father and uncle wrote the message to her in the snow of a neighboring parking garage. Each letter is about the length of two cars. The Chicago Tribune tracked William and his family down. According to the Tribune, William stomped "Hi Mom" and told Sharon to look out the window. Then William extended a "God Bless U" to all the other families in the hospital.

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