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A Fan Edited The Finale Of "How I Met Your Mother" And Made It So Much Better

Yes, this is the real ending now. Let's never speak of the other version again.

Youtuber Ricardo J. Dylan reedited the very controversial finale of How I Met Your Mother and came up with a much better and shorter ending to the series.

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In his version, you see Ted and Tracy get married.

Aww, look at those two.

Then you see them spending time together and growing old together.

And then it cuts back to that moment on train platform with Ted trying to decide whether or not to talk to her.

Ted walks over to her.

And then he finally tells his kids about what it was like to meet their mother.

And it's adorable and perfect.

And then the episode ends. There you go, a three-minute, perfect finale that is great and wonderful and no one dies or gets divorced.

The end.