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26 Things That Scientifically Prove That Dave Grohl Is The Coolest Dude In Music

Go on, try and name a cooler rock dad. He's just the best, the best, the best, the best, the b—

1. So let's just get this out of the way now: Dave Grohl is a hunky dude.

2. The man's a work of art.

3. Plus, he totally looks exactly like the drummer from Nirvana.

4. But in all seriousness, Dave Grohl just seems like he'd be a blast to hang out with.

Mademoiselle Magazine

5. Oh, while we're talking about his Nirvana days, here's a photo of him and Krist Novoselic hanging out with Flea and Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

6. He's got awesome friends, like Slash and Lemmy from Motörhead. He also hangs out with Tenacious D and Queens of the Stone Age.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

7. He's also a very professional and talented musician.

8. I mean, somehow, he made this insane idea work.

9. He gives back to his fans — or in this case, gives some of his beer to his fans.

10. He's a good role model for young musicians to chase their dreams.

11. Also, on a completely unrelated note, his mustaches were almost always the best part of early Foo Fighters music videos.

Dang, what a 'stache...

For real.

12. He's also...

13. ...the best dad...

14. the whole, entire world.

15. And real talk: Going from Nirvana to any other band is a really tough thing to do, but he pulled it off.

16. And he isn't afraid to talk about what he thinks about the current state of music. Whether you agree or not, you can't deny he's got his heart in the right place.

17. Also, this quote about "Gangnam Style" is maybe the best thing in the whole world.

18. He understands that you should never be embarrassed about the music you like, even if you're an old rock dude listening to The Backstreet Boys.

19. Well, almost all music...

20. He's just an inspiring kind of guy.

21. He's just an all-around badass dude. Here he is moshing in the pit at a Soundgarden show.

22. And remember how he always gives back to his fans? He really, really, really likes giving back to his fans.


24. And lastly, if you needed anymore proof that Dave Grohl is the coolest guy on the planet, watch this two-minute video about his love of coffee.

View this video on YouTube

25. Rock on, Dave Grohl.