24 Things Patrick The Starfish Can Teach You About Being Your Best Self

    You're a big, pink, beautiful star and don't you forget it.

    1. This is you. You're adorable.

    2. People love you.

    3. You're confident and powerful.

    4. You're comfortable with yourself.

    5. But classy!

    6. And down for anything.

    7. And sure, some people might not take you seriously.

    8. But you have a lot going on inside.

    9. You're creative.

    10. You have hidden talents.

    11. And you understand the importance of a good work-life balance.

    12. You're a modern go-getter.

    13. You stay healthy.

    14. (But enjoy the occasional snack...)

    15. And your body might not be perfect, but you love it.

    16. You're cultured.

    17. You think outside of the box.

    18. You're wise.

    19. People might not know it, but they appreciate your honesty.

    20. You're sensitive.

    21. But strong!

    22. And fair.

    23. There's nothing you can't accomplish.

    24. Namaste.