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21 Of The Least Helpful Google Image Search Results

Ugh, no, Google, that's NOT what I meant by "Topless Kate Middleton."

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1. Googled: "Snoop Lion"

2. Googled: "Kate Middleton topless"

3. Googled: "Missionary position"

4. Googled: "Hot Chinese mustard"

5. Googled: "Olivia Wilde Boobs"

6. Googled: "Traumatized by goat"

7. Googled: "Definition of swag"

8. Googled: "Majestic creature"

9. Googled: "Noble steed"

10. Googled: "To the Internet!"

11. Googled: "Not porn"

12. Googled: "Nick Cage as a baby"

13. Googled: "Guitar solo"

14. Googled: "Best picture ever"

15. Googled: "Asshole"

16. Googled: "Photoshop at its best"

17. Googled: "Badass guitar"

18. Googled: "T-Dog"

19. Googled: "Wet fart"

20. Googled: "O face"

21. Googled: "Sea horse"

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