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    20 People Who Are On Their Way To Steal Yo Girl

    Have you seen the hot new Steal Yo Girl Tumblr meme based on Trey Songz' "Bottoms Up"? Because it's amazing.

    First hit play on this:

    So you and yo girl are dancing and at a club and then...

    Harry Styles is sashaying through a dressing room on his way to steal yo girl.

    This dude's rolling up on your girl with his old-timey car seat.

    This member of Monty Python is hoping to very politely steal yo girl.

    This horrible mannequin thing is heading down Main Street, off to steal yo girl.

    Uh-oh, Aquaman's moving in on her too, and he's got fish swag.

    Do you have more swag than this platypus?

    This kid's busting out of music class, on his way to steal yo girl.

    Ha ha, hope you're magic bro, because this guy is and he's flying off to steal yo girl.

    See this thing? On its way to steal yo girl.

    Same thing goes for this horse.

    This dog's alpha as hell and he's off to give yo girl the newspaper, if you know what I mean (I don't know what I mean).

    This Slinky just saw your girl across the room, bruh.

    These next two guys heard about yo girl and hopped on the nearest thing they could find.

    Bro, bro, are you just gonna let these dudes try to steal yo girl like that?

    This dude was shopping at the mall and heard about yo girl and was like "Damn."

    Are you more alpha than these Pokemon?

    Or Carlton?

    Bro, bro, BRO. This dude just stole yo girl.