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18 Fun Easter Eggs, Callbacks, And Moments Of Really Cool Symmetry From The "Breaking Bad" Finale

It's probably part of the mourning process to obsess over every single frame of "Felina."

1. In "4 Days Out," the second episode of Season 2, Jesse asks Walt if he's going to build a robot to save them from being stuck in the desert.

In "Felina," Walt finally makes that robot.

2. Throughout the show, Jesse is almost always dragged along somewhere against his will. In "Felina," though, you see him finally in control of his life.

3. And Walt's finally in control of his death.

4. Walt's death scene is a really excellent callback to "Crawl Space" from Season 4.

5. It's also part of an even larger series of overhead Walt shots:

6. Jack Welcher dies the same way Hank does.

7. Compare Walter White's first message to his family... his last.

8. Season 1 starts the opposite way Season 5 ends.

9. Here's an excellent visual cue: Walt leaving behind his watch when he's decided he's finally out of time.

10. And another very well-known visual reference: Walt's 50th birthday celebrated with a plate made of veggie bacon, courtesy of Skyler. Walt's 52nd birthday meal, made with real bacon, eaten all alone.

11. Walt and Jesse deciding to team up:

Walt and Jesse saying good-bye:

12. Even the car shots line up.

13. "Felina" features a seemingly out-of-place fantasy scene where Jesse is making a wooden box. But it's actually a really subtle reference to "Kafkaesque," the ninth episode of Season 3. Here are the two mashed together:

14. We also finally get to see Jesse's happy driving face again.

15. In the same way, we see Walt facing his reflection while waiting to die.

16. In the beginning of "Felina," we see the camera linger on Walt's New Hampshire license plate and the state motto, "Live free or die." Well, in the end, they do.

17. So, this one is a MASSIVE stretch, but it's definitely neat.

18. And finally, there is a ton of speculation about the name of the episode, but here's a really fun one:

Brilliant explanation of what the title of Breaking bad's finale "FeLiNa" meant. Also an anagram of 'Finale'

Like a Villas-Boas.


Brilliant explanation of what the title of Breaking bad's finale "FeLiNa" meant. Also an anagram of 'Finale'

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Many of these theories were illustrated wonderfully by the Breaking Bad fans on Tumblr and r/breakingbad!