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  • The Gamer’s Guide To Obamacare

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation As gamers grow up, we find ourselves face-to-face with those big person things. Right now, a lot of us are wondering just what’s going to happen with healthcare in the United States. Will the Affordable Healthcare Act actually be affordable? Ryan Johnson at GoozerNation recently did a run with the Affordable Healthcare Application Website. After a 9 hour stint, he left weary, worn, and bruised. In order to help his fellow gamers, Ryan brings to you the Gamers Guide to Obamacare, so you can enter the battle more prepared.

  • Everything’s Better With Zombies

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation As Call of Duty: Rezurrection has recently hit Xbox Live and is soon to PS3 and PC, Ryan Johnson looked back at the fad that is Zombie Mode. Prevalent in many First Person Shooters and games like Red Dead Redemption, many would think that the game culture’s infatuation with zombies is a fairly new one. Alas, this is not true. As he searched through the pages of the Internet, he found that zombies have been gnawing their way through our heroes for many years…..

  • Franchises That Could Benefit from Kinect

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation Recently, Microsoft has touted adding a Kinect function of some sort to every big title coming up. Many hardcore gamers are semi-offended by this, as they’d rather see development time put somewhere else. Inside you will find a list of games that Ryan thinks could rather benefit from Kinectification.

  • Why Finger Tracking MUST Come to Kinect

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation There have been rumblings since the beginning of Kinect that one day it would be able to track finger movements. Ryan Johnson reviews this potential, and how it could not only give Microsoft an edge over Sony, but shoot Kinect into the stratosphere in uses outside of gaming.

  • Brink: Testing the Brink of My Patience

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation Brink’s touted features prove to be a hindrance in some cases. This highly anticipated title just doesn’t seem to hold up in the eyes of this particular GoozerNation reviewer. Click in to find out his opinions, and decide if you agree or not.

  • Is the Gaming Industry Moving Online Too Fast?

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation With the recent PSN hack attack, as well as the instability of digital only copies of games, Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation gives his opinion on how we need to either embrace safety in the new technology or be prepared to revert to older ways.

  • What the Helvetica is Going On With Game Fonts?

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation Are game companies forgetting the SDTV owners? Fonts are getting smaller and smaller, and Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation hasn’t upgraded to HD yet. Why do the developers feel the need to shrink it so? Read in for his editorial.

  • Games Worth Finding a Game Boy For

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation Continuing the Games Worth Finding series with an entry on the Game Boy to commemorate the launch of the 3DS, Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation says what he wants to see on a downloadable classic portable setup. Did he catch your favorites? Click in to find out, and sound off on what he missed

  • Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 DLC: Jill and Shuma Gorath

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation It’s been a month since Marvel vs. Capcom: Fate of Two Worlds hit the shelves. The DLC pack for Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath is now live. Collector’s Edition owners got them for free, but regular edition folk are going to have to pony up five bucks apiece for them. Are the characters worth the extra cash? Click in to find out!

  • Bowser’s Legal Troubles

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation The Mushroom Kingdom Document Disclosure Act of 1947 requires that after 25 years any legal documentation created involving an afterward known criminal be released to the public. Given the atrocities that Bowser Koopa has done since his original act, a letter sent to him during his attempt to regain custody of his children has recently surfaced. Click in to learn more about the origins of this villain of the Mushroom Kingdom. Sure, he may have attempted to save face recently by taking up sports and playing along side his nemesis, but rest assured, this is still one dangerous felon.

  • Video Games “Create Mental Health Problems”

    Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation A new study is out saying video games can lead to mental illnesses. The media loves to jump on anything controversial, which in turn effects the public at large. What can we do about this? Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation puts in his opinion on the matter.

  • How Real is Too Real for Music Games?

    I have followed the music game industry from obscurity to its current stranglehold on the market. I have enjoyed the Parappa’s, through the Frequency’s, and on through the original Guitar Heros to today’s current releases. With Guitar Hero 5, Rock Band 3, and Power Gig either out or coming out soon, I do have some concern. Mind you, I am very excited to see these releases, but it’s the “Pro Mode” and how it is being approached that raises my warning radar.

  • The Six Stages of Game Content Awareness

    There’s a Supreme Court case going on regarding banning and restricting violent video games. How did it get here? As humans, we have a right to what we want to create, what we want to purchase, and what we want in our homes. Unfortunately, when people don’t understand, extremes such as this arise. Parents and children need to be more involved in each others’ lives. There are many adults getting ready to purchase games for Christmas for their gamer friends, and they fall somewhere in the spectrum below. Therefore, I present to you the 6 Stages of Game Content Awareness:

  • Most Horrific Gamer Geek Nightmares

    Werewolves. Vampires. Mummies. Taxes. Some people find these things scary. As gamers, we’re used to facing these down (at least the first three). But there are horrors that make cold shivers shoot down our spines, and at times can evoke a bloodcurdling scream. You see, our terrors…are REAL.

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