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    27 Things That Seemed Like They Belonged In The Year 3000 15 Years Ago But Are Now Completely Worthless

    All this stuff felt like something out of the year 3000.

    In 2007, nothing seemed more technologically significant than...

    1. iPhone apps where you drank fake beer:

    a man drinking out of a fake beer app

    2. Or iPhone apps where you could download a fake lighter:

    lighter app

    3. And even before that, phones with internet on them in the first place:

    texting on a flip phone

    4. Or having the option and the ability, to update your Facebook... FROM A TEXT MESSAGE:

    facebook app on a flip phone

    5. Watching full-length movies that cost tens of millions of dollars to make on an iPod with a two-inch screen:

    6. A DVD or VHS player in their car:

    dvd player in a car

    7. Or, saints preserve us, a whole N64 in a car:

    8. Those watches that lit up blue, truly a sign we were living in the future:

    9. Aggressively thick big screen TVs your one rich friend had:

    10. And TVs that let you access the World Wide Web:

    11. The original iPod and the million buttons it had:

    original ipod

    12. A TV with a freakin' VHS player BUILT INTO IT:

    13. Or, be still my beating heart, a TV with a DVD player in it:


    14. Digital cable and being able to watch a ton of useless channels:

    digital cable

    15. That one paper toss iPhone game:

    iphone game

    16. Those robot dogs that eventually died and just became things your parents tripped over:

    17. See-through electronics being the future of design:

    see-through electronics

    18. Netflix's DVD service and just the entire idea of someone SENDING a movie to you:

    19. CD players with skip protection:

    20. Portable DVD players that would skip every time you moved them a centimeter:

    21. Car phones that you would only see in TV and movies:

    22. Okay, hear me out — these exact light switches that, again, your one rich friend had:

    light switch

    23. That fish that everyone's uncle had for some reason:

    big mouth billy bass

    24. That cassette tape that let your connect your iPod to your car stereo:

    casette tape aux cord

    25. Hit Clips:

    hit clip

    26. Those batteries that let you check how much energy was left:


    27. And finally, the ALPHA and the OMEGA...a VHS AND DVD player:

    dvd player