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Seth Rogen Says The Most Perfect Thing About Dick Pics

The Night Before star calls it like he sees it, even if he's never actually seen one.

During BuzzFeed Brews, The Night Before stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie talked about one of the movies most notorious scenes involving a dick pic. They said they worked [cough] hard on that scene.

But choosing dicks is [cough] hard.

Filmmakers have to be responsible when it comes to dicks.

Rogen reminded the crowd that filming dicks is all about framing.

And in case we didn't fully get the point:

And BuzzFeed Celebrity and Pop Culture Director Whitney Jefferson asked the evening's most inevitable question:

Rogen's answer was classic.

Then the cast turned the tables on Jefferson, and asked her about how she responds to dick pics.

And Rogen stepped in and ended the discussion with an absolutely perfect observation on the state of America's dick pics.