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We Slept In The Most Haunted Room On The Queen Mary And It Was Terrifying

Warning: Spooky shit ahead.

You may have heard of The Queen Mary, a notoriously "haunted" ship that is docked in Long Beach, California. So, we decided to go aboard the ship and stay there for a night to see if there was actually paranormal activity:

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The ship first set sail in 1936 and was deemed a luxury boat, decked out with amenities like multiple cocktail rooms, dining rooms, and a swimming pool.

However, when World War II occurred, the boat was repurposed for military use.

It held approximately 800,000 soldiers, captives, and prisoners of war.

On top of playing an integral part of our nation's history, it also played a part in Ryan, our host's, life. Ryan actually visited the ship about 8 years ago and had a paranormal experience of his own.

About 8 years ago, Ryan and a few friends stayed on the boat and taunted the ghosts. Although nothing happened when they called for the spirits, later that night, when Ryan was sleeping, he woke up to the feeling of something poking his face. When he turned to his friend next to him, he was sound asleep.

And that's not it. Ryan was actually able to document a strange occurrence on tape.

While Ryan was brushing his teeth, a bag and toothpaste inexplicably flew off the counter, begging the question: Gravity or ghost?

On top of Ryan's experience, the boat has quite a bit of history. In 1942, during a war-time expedition, a smaller boat was driving in front of the Queen Mary to throw off enemy ships. However, the Queen Mary gained too much speed and crushed the boat completely.

Since it was a time of war, the Queen Mary could not stop and help the survivors. By the time rescue ships arrived, only 99 out of the 430 passengers survived.

Some say that the ship's passengers haunt the boiler room and bow of the Queen Mary.

The current captain of the boat has also had his own supernatural experiences. Once, he was alone deep in the ship and knocked twice on the side. He then heard an inexplicable knock from the other side of the room.

So, obviously... we went into the belly of the boat and tried the same thing. And indeed, we heard SOMETHING.

Many passengers report seeing two women around the pool area. Which would make sense, because two women actually drowned in the pool on the Queen Mary many years ago.

People have also reported suspicious activity in the kitchen, which is where a chef was brutally murdered by soldiers.

While Ryan explained the boat's history, he was actually interrupted again by the sound of glass shattering which sounded like it came from the kitchen.

To sum it up: The Queen Mary is no stranger to death. But what is the most creepy part of this ship?

Well, that's Room B340. Many of the ship's crew refuse to even enter the room alone. People have reported hearing voices, beds shaking, and the water and lights being turned on and off.

It's so haunted that the room was actually stripped clean 25 years ago and no one has slept in it since... until Ryan and Shane.

And what a sleepless night it was. Though Shane and Ryan didn't hear anything (aside from Ryan's speculations for 5 straight hours), they still definitely felt spooked being in the room.