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These Guys Investigated Three Notoriously Haunted Locations And Their Footage Might Make You Believe

A word to the wise: Don't fuck with spirits.

We've investigated a few unsolved murders and hauntings in the past. But this time, Ryan and Shane decided the best way to finally answer whether spirits are actually real was to visit three of the most notoriously haunted locations. If you don't believe in ghosts now, this footage might make you rethink things:

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Before setting out on their journey, Shane and Ryan met up with Father Gary Thomas, a pastor who is well versed in the spirit world and was actually sent to the Vatican in 2005 to learn about the exorcism process and spirits.

Father Thomas had some very chilling words of wisdom for Shane and Ryan. He started by explaining that demons haunt humans because they are "parasitic and feed off our life form." He then warned the two not to interact with the spirits, especially in a taunting way...a piece of advice Shane would ultimately ignore.

Ryan and Shane would be going to three locations that were reportedly haunted. The first was the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California...

...the second was Island of the Dolls in Mexico City...

...and the third, and perhaps the most terrifying, was the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas.

The first stop on this haunted tour was the Winchester Mystery House. The house belonged to Sarah Winchester, a woman whose father-in-law made his fortune on the rifle that would be the ultimate deadly weapon in wars to come.

Before building the house, Sarah was plagued by a series of terrible events: She had a child who died a month and a half after her birth, her father-in-law who invented the aforementioned rifle passed away, and shortly after, his son (and her husband) died as well.

After these events, Sarah saw a medium who claimed her family had been cursed because of the part they played in making a weapon that would kill thousands. The medium told her she must move west and build a house and keep building based on directions given to her by the spirits. If she stopped building, she was told she would haunted forever by the evil spirits that cursed her family.

Sarah followed the medium's advice, which resulted in her building a house that was estimated to have over 500 rooms. However, due to constant remodeling, only 161 remain today. She compulsively built and redesigned the house. She made trick rooms, doors to nowhere, and halls that twist and turn in an attempt to confuse the spirits that plagued her.

During Ryan and Shane's time in the house, they definitely felt a weird energy...but had to move on to their next stop...

...the Island of the Dolls. For this visit, Ryan and Shane traveled to Mexico City and had to take a boat through ancient Aztec canals to find the island. Some have reported that while navigating these canals they have been possessed and drawn to the island.

In the 1950s, Don Julian was persecuted for being overzealous in his religious beliefs. After that, for reasons unclear, Julian abandoned his wife and child and moved to the island.

Julian lived in isolation, and one day discovered the body of a young girl in the canal. Julian was overcome with grief and shortly after her body emerged from the water, a doll appeared. Julian then hung the doll from a tree, and obsessively began to collect and hang more dolls.

In 2001, about 50 years later, Julian's nephew came to the island to help his uncle plant pumpkins. After working in the garden, his nephew discovered Julian's body floating in the the same exact spot the girl was found.

Anastasio, his nephew, moved to the island after his Julian's death and claimed, like his uncle, that the dolls were possessed.

Before they left the island, Ryan decided to leave his own offering for the spirits...but when he approached the original doll, shit started going down.

The island was not only covered in dolls, but the crew was also quickly being infested by spiders. It was time to GTFO.

The last and final stop was the Sallie house. The rumors surrounding this house were the most chilling. A family had reported being tortured by a demon, three people died inside, and the house had also been previously occupied by Satanists. Basically, you don't want to fuck with this house.

So who, or what, haunts this house? The spirit presented itself to multiple people as a little girl named Sallie. This makes sense because allegedly demons rarely show themselves in their true form, instead taking on the image of a child.

The list of claims of Sallie's haunting are long: A family reported lights turning on and off by themselves, and stuffed animals and other objects being moved...and a mother even said her daughter used to play with an imaginary friend named Sallie.

Shane and Ryan planned on sleeping over in the house and invited a paranormal investigator. However, inside the house, the group started to go against the priest's advice...and invited the spirit into conversations.

The rest of what happened there can truly only be summed up by watching Ryan and Shane's footage. We may never know what happened inside that house over the years, or what will happen. For today, the three cases remain unsolved.