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Here Are Three Historical Theories That Might Finally Convince You Aliens Are Real

Ancient aliens? Or advanced civilizations?

We've explored a lot of spooky stuff on Unsolved, so we thought it was finally time to tackle the subject that scientists and Redditors alike have spent countless hours trying to answer: Are aliens real?

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According to a 2015 study, 54% of Americans, 56% of Germans, and 52% of the UK believe that extraterrestrial life exists. So yeah... that's a shit ton of people.

Some people have even speculated that aliens have been around since the dawn of civilization and aided the earliest settlers.

And there is some compelling evidence to support that theory. For example, this hieroglyph from the 14th century BC shows two modern-looking air crafts carved in stone; a technology that was not available to humans at that time.

Another carving which people find odd is this piece, which looks like a child is presenting a laptop to a woman. (Or tbh, it kinda just looks like a jewelry box – but stay with me).

Additionally, some people feel that architectural accomplishments made by early civilizations must have been done by extraterrestrial beings because of how impressive they were for the time and technology available.

So let's breakdown what "evidence" we have that aliens exist. The first mystery comes from the Dogon Tribe in Africa.

French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and German Dieterlan studied the Dogon civilization and realized that they knew a great deal about astrology before anyone else.

The most astounding piece of their astrological knowledge was that they knew the star Sirius is part of a double-star system. This star system is literally invisible to the naked human eye and scientists today only retrieved knowledge of this star system using quantum mechanics, relativity and advanced telescopes.

Basically, some people think aliens taught the Dogan about the star system Sirius B. This was further corroborated by reports that the Dogons were visited by a set of beings referred to as the "Nommo."

However, some people do doubt this theory. Author and astronomer Carl Sagan said the Dogon's knowledge of space was suspiciously consistent with what an informed person in the '30s and '40s would know. He theorized that the French anthropologists recorded the information they knew to create a more interesting story about the Dogon people.

The second mystery revolves around the city of Tiwanku.

Here, people moved enormous stones which many think they would have been impossible to lift on their own.

Another odd fact is elongated skulls were discovered near the stones, which some theorized belonged to shamans who elongated their skulls in an attempt to better communicate with deities.

Finally, the precision with which they cut their stones seems almost impossible without power tools, leading people to believe they had extraterrestrial help.

The last and perhaps most compelling theory is that aliens have interacted with human civilization is the Great Pyramid. The pyramid was constructed of 2.3 million stones, each weighing between 2.5 to 15 tons. The Egyptians did not have wheels, pulleys, or work animals – making it highly unlikely that the slaves they had constructed it could have completed it on their own.

Additionally, the Great Pyramid is perfectly aligned with magnetic North. This suggests either an advanced knowledge of mathematics... or outside forces.