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Do You Remember The Lyrics To Michelle Branch's "Everywhere"?

So tell me, do you see me?

Maverick Records
  1. Turn it _______ so I can see

  2. The part of you that’s _______ over me

  3. And when I wake _______, _______ never there

  4. And when I sleep _______, _______ everywhere / _______ everywhere

  5. Just _______ how I got this far

  6. Just _______ you’re here and _______ you are

  7. ‘Cause every time I look you’re _______

  8. And every time I sleep you’re _______

  9. ‘Cause you’re everywhere _______

  10. And when I _______ it’s you I see

  11. You're everything I know that makes me _______

  12. I’m _______ / I’m _______

  13. I _______ the way you make me feel

  14. It’s _______ to think that you might not be real

  15. I sense it now, the water’s getting _______

  16. I try to _______ the pain away _______ / Away _______

  17. And when I _______ your hand

  18. It’s then I _______

  19. The _______ that’s within

  20. It’s _______ that we begin

  21. You always _______ my way

  22. I _______ there never comes a day

  23. No matter _______ I go / I always _______ you so

  24. And when I _______, it’s you I breathe

  25. You’re in _______ I see

  26. So _______, do you see me?

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