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22 Struggles Christmas Day Babies Know To Be 100% True

Jesus needs to learn to share.

1. Your birthday is on a famous birthday holiday, so it's never about you, and you're basically invisible.

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2. For one, the house is decorated with lights, tinsel, and ornaments instead of streams and balloons.

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3. And organizing a time when your friends are free is simply impossible because they're away with their families.


4. People's Facebook timelines are most active on their birthday, but as a Christmas baby, you don’t get much birthday love.


5. That is, if your friends remember your birthday at all.

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6. As a kid in school, you didn't get the attention you deserved either.


7. You're painfully used to hearing "that sucks" when you tell people your birthday's on Christmas (thanks for the reminder).

8. And you hate answering the classic "Do you get double the presents?" question.


9. Anyone who gives you combined Christmas and birthday cards and presents is automatically on your shit list.

10. Giving presents to other people on *your birthday* is weird AF — especially when you don't get a present in return.

11. In fact, you'd prefer to just spend the day by yourself. But no! It's time to celebrate not-your-birthday.


12. So many presents, so many parties, so many feasts — and so few people who remember it's YOUR goddamn birthday too.

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13. So you fight for your right to get the attention you truly deserve.

14. Basically, you spend your birthday looking forward to getting the day over and done with.

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15. You often wish you weren't born on Christmas Day. It literally feels like punishment.

16. It happens every single year, and you never get to have a birthday party on your actual birthday.


17. You're not the only one in pain though — ALL December babies share your struggles.

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18. So, while your day gets upstaged by Jesus, try to look at it this way.


19. At the very least, you have the day off work.

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20. And there's tons of yummy food to be eaten — even if it isn't birthday cake.

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21. And tomorrow, you can treat yourself to some awesome post-Christmas sales.


22. Keep your chin up! We're all wishing you a happy birthday this year!


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