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The Top 10 Weirdest Australian Animals You've Never Heard Of

Everyone knows that as Australia separated from Pangea, and later Gondwanaland, it became a continent rich with unusual fauna found nowhere else! Behold, a list of creatures that'll either creep you out, take you back to your childhood, or intrigue you because they're just plain... weird.

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10. Musk duck (Biziura Lobata)


With a leathery lobe underneath its bill already a stand out, these unusual birds also boast a distinctive fanned tail - oh and, they basically never leave the water. They're essentially fish with wings.

8. Triangular Spider (Arkys Iancearius)


And there you have it: proof that Pokemon are real and living on Australia's east coast - it's the spitting image of Parasect for those of you too young to remember the original 151 from the '90s.

7. Tailed Emperor Butterfly caterpillar (Polyura Sempronius)


If you were a dinosaur child then you'd probably also see some kind of delightful, prehistoric resemblance to a styracosaurus. And now you know, Australia - the oldest continent - is the real Land Before Time.

5. Nudibranch (Chromodoris Lochi)


Okay, so this particular species of nudibranch is found in other parts of the South Pacific - but as a regular showstopper in the waters off the northern coast of the country, it still deserves a place with Australia's other weird and wonderful wildlife.

4. Mary River Turtle (Elusor Macrurus)


The endangered punk rocker of Mary River, Queensland, is unique for a number of reasons. With a mane of algae growing on their shell, they also have long goatee-like barbels on their chin and an extremely long tail measuring two-thirds the size of their shell.

3. Pink Underwing Moth caterpillar (Phyllodes Imperialis)


It really just looks like a giant leaf that some Kindergarten teacher has instructed her class to decorate. But alas, after metamorphosis it becomes a more familiar brown (and pink) moth.

2. Spotted Handfish (Brachionichthys Hirsutus)


Found predominantly around the Apple Isle (Tasmania for the non-Australians), these sea dwellers that 'walk' with adapted pectoral fins come in a variety of colourations - If this were fictional Pandora their existence would make so much more sense.

1. Coconut Crab (Birgus Latro)


It's big, ugly, a relative of your pet hermit crab - and it can climb coconut trees, ripping open their fruit for its tasty white flesh. Found throughout many islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Australian territory of Christmas Island can claim fame to having the densest and largest global population... Who's ready for a seafood buffet?

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