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10 More Unbelievable Facts You Didn't Know About Hello Kitty

She's 40, lives in England, and worth over 7 billion dollars.

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This summer we learned Hello Kitty, the global personification of kitsch-cute, was not a cat after all, but a third grader named "Kitty White" who lives with her parents and twin sister in London. Wait, WHAT?

While she does in fact own a cat, fans were upset by the announcement, and felt betrayed by parent company, Sanrio, for dropping the bombshell news 40 YEARS LATER. Here's a few more facts you probably didn't know about Hello Kitty:

4. Hello Kitty is now worth $7 billion dollars (and Sanrio has never spent a dime on advertising).

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This is largely due to the company's lucrative collaborations with artists and fashion designers.

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