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    Mar 6, 2013

    Young Christoph Waltz Singing In A Unitard Leads The Evening Links

    15 precious seconds of adorable German-language insanity.


    Image via YouTube

    Watch young master Waltz in all his brightly-colored, super-peppy glory at NextMovie.

    Vermont: home of maple syrup, ski slopes, and the country's healthiest attitudes towards sex.

    Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

    That's right. Details at YourTango.

    "Hey, you guys have any idea why our warmup pants are covered in candy stripes?"

    Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

    Gather round and Lost Lettermen will tell a tale rich in Indiana Hoosier basketball lore.

    So Rhode Island legislators want to make fried calamari the official state appetizer.

    Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

    Which, given these 13 other bizarrely specific official state symbols that The Week found, isn't actually that weird at all.

    This is one of the single most stunning frames from this week's episode of 'The Walking Dead.'

    Image via Imgur courtesy of Warming Glow

    But man oh man, you gotta see it as a GIF. Check it out at Warming Glow and prepare to be hypnotized.

    You'd be happy too if Forbes had just named you the third-richest person in the world.

    Miguel Vidal / Reuters

    Meet Amancio Ortega, reclusive Spanish billionaire, at The Fiscal Times. Sorry, Warren Buffett.

    People didn't always like 'Seinfeld,' either.

    Photos courtesy of NBC and HBO via The Atlantic Wire

    The Atlantic Wire has a brief, fascinating history of TV backlash.

    A drunk 62-year-old Ohio man was charged with vandalism after shooting a police robot that had entered his home.

    Get the whole story at Motherboard. Yeah, this is gonna end well for humanity.

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