The Most Horrifying Older Man-Younger Woman Photos Of All Time Lead The Daily Links

Plus the Prancercise lady’s music video debut, 12 incredible colorized glass slides of Africa from 1896, and a movie called… Wolfcop.

Be advised: If you look at these horrifying photos of designer Roberto Cavalli being hosed down by his girlfriend, you will never, ever be the same. - [Daily Mail]

Johnny Depp just turned 50(!!!). Which is why he’s starting to open up about things like being a single parent, getting sober, and the prospect of retirement. - [Rolling Stone]

Photo by Theo Wenner for

This stunning view of Berbera at night was taken by naturalist Carl Akeley in Africa in 1896. Check out 11 more of his colorized glass lantern slides: They’re pretty incredible. - [mental_floss]

What is Wolfcop? It’s a movie about a werewolf cop, obviously. - [Gamma Squad]

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

File under “actually a great question”: Why do athletes look so angry when they do something great? - [Slate]

John Mayer’s latest music video, “Paper Doll,” stars the Prancercise lady. Yup. - [The Atlantic Wire]

Remember Zima? Not only is it still super-popular in Japan, but the company has its very own robot band. - [RocketNews24]

You can keep your human boyfriend. These 15 dogs are where it’s at. - [YourTango]

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