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    A Look Inside The First Google Glass Porn Leads The Daily Links

    Plus a look inside the first-ever Google Glass porn (starring James Deen!), photos of Queen Elizabeth before she was a great-grandmother, and a brief guide to the world of "Blurred Lines" YouTube parodies.

    James Deen has just made the first Google Glass porn ever. And this woman watched him do it. - [Motherboard]

    Mario Tama / Getty Images

    Anthony Weiner may or may not have used the amazing pseudonym "Carlos Danger" for his online escapades. Use this handy generator to get your own sexting name! / Via

    Queen Elizabeth hasn't always been a great-grandmother, you know. These are some lovely photos of her from way before the royal baby. - [Flavorwire]


    Having trouble choosing which "Blurred Lines" parodies to watch? Don't worry, there's a guide. - [The Atlantic Wire]

    Did CNN's royal baby coverage get a bit out of hand for your taste? This is the short version. - [Guyism] / Via

    How's the weather on the more than 900 exoplanets discovered to date? On these six, at least, it's pretty terrible. - [mental_floss]


    Some people are worried that Pixar is running out of magic. But by the sound of it, the forthcoming Inside Out could be their best movie in years. - []