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    The 10 Best "Simpsons" Songs Ever Lead The Evening Links

    Plus Redfoo from LMFAO's surprising new gig, a baby elephant absolutely owning a dude, and very freaky vintage photos of heights.

    "See my vest/ See my vest/ Made from real gorilla chest!" The writers of The Simpsons came up with this glorious list of the ten best songs in the show's history.

    Victor Decolongon / Getty Images

    Redfoo from LMFAO is considering kind of a random career change. How random? Pretty random.

    Getty Images

    Scared of heights much? Then you're gonna be a bit freaked out by these 14 vintage photos of workers building New York City's skyscrapers.

    Man meets baby elephant. Man hugs baby elephant. Baby elephant dominates man.

    Do your pants have zippers? Then for safety's sake, please, please be aware of these horrifying statistics.

    Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" came out in 2009. But was that also the year that everything changed in pop music? / Via

    Val Kilmer: Actually wasted or just pretending to be wasted? An investigation.

    George Rodger—Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

    Talk about timing: Italy's Mount Vesuvius erupted right in the middle of World War II, leading to these astonishing photos.

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