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    Aziz Ansari's Groundbreaking Comedy Research Leads The Daily Links

    Plus 10 tips for crashing on someone's couch without driving them nuts, classic children's books starring Parks and Rec characters, and the latest in sex tape news.

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    The age of Moneyball rolls on: Aziz Ansari is using analytics to figure out what's funny. - [Betabeat]


    How does the shape of your face affect your romantic destiny? Researchers have it figured out. Don't start planning any weddings, Ariel. - [Nerve]


    Need to crash on someone's couch for a while? These are 10 tips for doing it without driving your host insane. - [BroBible]

    Apparently Japanese racing pigeons are capable of flying really far. Really, really, REALLY far. - [RocketNews24]


    How did billionaire Stewart Rahr celebrate his divorce? Like any billionaire would: By distributing an orgy sex tape. - [Daily Intelligencer]

    Classic children's books starring Parks and Rec characters: Totally adorable, totally awesome. - [Flavorwire]

    Image by Jennifer Lewis for Flavorwire / Via

    Portraits of people on the subway don't sound especially delightful. But artist Chris Pace's 8-bit versions might just change your mind. - [Motherboard]

    What if Paula Deen baked an apology cake? You'd hope it would go a little bit better than this. - [CollegeHumor]

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