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9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring the best son in the world giving his mom a Super Bowl surprise, a man's emotional reunion with the stranger who saved his life, and the finest, cutest hamster actors of our time.

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Anna Kendrick's Non-Commercial Wins Everything

"I don't think of myself as, like, beer-commercial babe hot." This hilarious behind-the-scenes look at how Ms. Kendrick almost starred in a "Mega Huge Football Ad" for Newcastle is pretty much the best. (2:13)

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A Super Bowl Surprise For Mom

Mike Harris's die-hard Seahawks fan mom missed meeting the team at the airport once because she was pregnant with him. So he gave her this once-in-a-lifetime gift to make it up to her. (1:10)

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This Ad Will Make You Melt

Dog and horse best friends who miss each other? Come on, Budweiser, this isn't even fair. (1:01)

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The Most Terrifying Stay-In-School PSA Of All Time

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Comedians Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann created this absolutely insane PSA for the made-up Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia. (1:46)

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Meet Two Masters Of "Tutting," The Hypnotic Hand Dance

It's like breakdancing but for your fingers, and it's crazy to watch. See more of this Vine trend here. (1:59)

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Man Meets The Stranger Who Saved His Life

Jonny Benjamin never got the chance to thank the man who prevented him from committing suicide. But six years later, he found him. (2:24)

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Can A Bunch Of Guys Guess What Bras Cost?

You'd think that grown men could figure this stuff out, but you'd be wrong. So very, very wrong. (2:10)

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Adorably Dramatic Hamsters Playing Dead

And the Oscar for "Best Cutie in a Leading Role" goes to... THESE BRILLIANT HAMSTERS! (0:58)

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And Finally, Some Inspiration

Feeling frustrated with your work, creative or otherwise? Then this gorgeous short – which brings a lovely Ira Glass quote to life – is for you. (2:18)

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