"Tutting" Is A Really Weird And Hypnotic Hand Dance That’s Super Popular On Vine

It’s stupid but I can’t seem to take my eyes away?

1. So this is tutting. This kid is really good at it.

ID: 2214548

2. This type of hand dance thing actually comes from the ’70s funk community.

ID: 2214555

3. But it’s super popular on Vine at the moment.

ID: 2214591
ID: 2214551

5. This guy’s a regular tutter too.

ID: 2214545
ID: 2214633
ID: 2214564

8. These three guys’ tutting is more full body, but there’s some pretty good hand dancing going on too.

ID: 2214568
ID: 2214574
ID: 2214578

11. This guy focuses more on crazy finger stuff.

ID: 2214711
ID: 2214600

13. So now you know “tutting”: big on Vine, and it’s like breakdancing but with more hand stuff going on.

ID: 2214597
ID: 2214629
ID: 2214640

16. And it works pretty well with dubstep!

ID: 2214697

17. Face it, you’re kind of curious now, aren’t you?

ID: 2214843

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