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    Five Ways To Make A Candy Crush Movie Lead The Daily Links

    Plus Fred Armisen on life after SNL, 7 more reasons to be excited about the royal baby, and a look inside the World Thumb Wrestling Championships.


    Candy Crush is VERY big business right now. So here are five ways to make it into a movie. - [Vulture]

    Imeh Akpanudosen / WireImage

    What's next for Fred Armisen now that he's left Saturday Night Live? First up: This long, engrossing interview. - [Splitsider]

    Close Encounters of the Meow Kind: or, How Cats React to Roombas. - [Catster]

    Alastair Grant, File / AP

    Do you need any more reasons to be excited about the royal baby? Of course you do. Here are seven. - [HooplaHa]

    How powerful was the meteor that crashed in Russia last February? Really, really powerful. - [Newser]

    Jack-kmm-rs/ / Via

    Kim's mom and Kanye were spotted wearing matching outfits. Um... What's up with that? - [The Cut]


    It's been a long week. Watch this supercut of monuments being blown up in movies: It'll make you feel better. - [NextMovie]


    Meet James Brent Isaacs, aka "Tigermonkey." He's our nation's best hope in the surprisingly brutal World Thumb Wrestling Championships. - [The Atlantic Cities] / Via

    Coral reefs are one of the most gorgeous things nature has to offer. Check out Felix Salazar's close-up photos of the coral in his saltwater aquarium: They're absolutely stunning. - [Daily Mail]

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