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Even As A Professional Food Writer, Some Of These "Foodie Words" Make My Skin Crawl (So I Want To Know If You Agree With Me Or Not)

If I hear ~dump recipe~ one more time...

We eat with more than just our tastebuds. The way we feel about a given food is subject to lots of different things: the way it looks, the memories we associate with it, and even the words used to describe it. On the subject of words, there are certain ones that make me instantly hungry...and others that make my skin crawl with uneasiness.

Child whispering "moist" into a friend's ear.

I write about food and develop recipes for a living, so yeah, I've read my fair share of extra-cringey "foodie words" (and TBH, I'm certainly guilty of using a couple every now and then). That said, I want to know how YOU feel about them. Is my deep-rooted hatred for several of these absolutely ridiculous, or justified?

Here's how this one is going to work: For each of the words below, use the slider to tell us how you feel about it. If it's a word you feel strongly about, push it all the way to either end. If you're ambivalent, leave it in the middle.

Once your answers are in, we'll guess how many times a week you cook, on average.

Are there any other "foodie" words that totally bother you? Drop 'em in the comments.