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    This Smart Comic Shows That Feminism Isn't Just For Women

    BuzzFeed News spoke to the artist behind an anti-sexism comic that went viral.

    In the aftermath of the massacre at UC Santa Barbara earlier this year, an artist created a comic about sexism and the need for feminism.

    The massacre was committed in June near the university campus in Isla Vista, California, by American student Elliot Rodger, who shot dead four men and two women before committing suicide.

    Police later discovered Rodger had left behind a misogyny-filled manifesto and a series of anti-women videos he'd created, sparking a global conversation (using the hashtag #YesAllWomen) about violence against women.

    The person behind the comic is Rasenth, a 25-year-old artist from Japan.

    Rasenth was so angered by the massacre and "the sexism we're blind to every day" that he felt he had to do something, and posted his drawing to Tumblr. What he didn't expect was for it to be so well received – it was shared hundreds of thousands of times and seen by millions in a matter of months.

    "I wasn't really expecting to get so big," he told BuzzFeed News. "I just wanted to let out all my frustration." He said the reaction to his work has been positive, but that he received a handful of criticisms, which he addressed on his Tumblr page.

    But even though he received only a few negative comments, Rasenth said he still wanted to remain anonymous, saying: "There are frightening people out to lynch feminists on the internet."

    Here is the original comic below.

    He has since posted a follow-up to the original comic, shown below.