Has Disney Edited Cinderella's Waist In The New Movie To Appear Smaller?

    A source at Disney and Lily James' agent denied that the images were digitally altered in post production to BuzzFeed News. But that hasn't convinced everyone.

    The new trailer for Disney's upcoming film, Cinderella, has caused considerable debate after some viewers noticed the size of the main character’s waist.

    This is how Cinderella's waist appears in several shots of the trailer:

    The promotional photos on the Cinderella Facebook page also show the character's waist as a similar size.


    The actor who plays the role of Cinderella is Lily James. Here's a photo of her (left) from last September:

    In a statement to BuzzFeed News, James’ agent denied the images for the trailer had been digitally altered, saying her waist appears that way because she is wearing a corset.

    Here's another photo of Lily James not wearing a corset:

    A source at Disney also denied that the trailer and promotional images had been digitally altered in post-production.

    The source told BuzzFeed News: "Lily's waist hasn't been altered (in the film or in any stills/marketing materials) – she's wearing a corset."

    A corset expert told BuzzFeed News that she believes the waist shown was attainable, but that it doesn't mean that it wasn't helped with post-production editing.

    Catherine Clavering, founder & designer of Kiss Me Deadly and a corset expert, said: "The reality is that if someone starts with an unusually small waist measurement (by modern standards) and then wears a really well-constructed corset, you can obtain a waist measurement of 18 inches, or sometimes less, entirely by nondigital means.

    "In this case, Cinderella's dress also has enormous volume in the bust/shoulder and in the skirt, which helps to emphasize the cinched in waist in between. The trailer and stills are all similarly proportioned, and the designer states that 270 yards of fabric were involved, with a corset and crinoline.

    That doesn't mean it wasn't also helped by editing, of course."

    However, that hasn't stopped people from commenting on the "unreal" size of the waist:

    This waist is unreal! RT @Variety Watch new #Cinderella footage and interviews with stars http://t.co/pF690jLBTv

    This isn't a normal human sized waist, right? We can all agree on that, yeah? #Cinderella #Disney

    Wtf is wrong with Cinderella's waist?!

    Just watched the #Cinderella trailer. Anyone else think her waist looks extremely small?

    “@eonline: Disney's new Cinderella trailer is HERE! http://t.co/btd4n7CCr1 ” PHOTOSHOPPED WAIST. #WhyINeedFeminism

    Several people pointed out that the waist promotes a "harmful" body image.

    @sophiemcshera @HayleyAtwell please support less CGI on tiny Cinderella waist in new film,really harmful 4 body image

    What happened to Cinderella's waist?

    Hey @CinderellaMovie @DisneyPictures I don't think Cinderella's waist is small enough...

    I do have a problem with the fact that Cinderella is photoshopped to have the tiniest waist I've ever seen.

    Umm the actress playing Cinderella... Is her waist really that small?!

    OK. The new Cinderella trailer.......what is going on with that waist??

    Cinderella and her digitally remastered teenie tiny waist is the reason for my confidence issues

    Can we talk about the size of Lily James' waist in the Cinderella trailer? omg

    Horrified by crazy CGI of Lily James' waist in #Cinderellamovie, so bad for young viewers' body image & unnecessary

    BuzzFeed News has contacted several experts in digital editing in post-production.

    Loryn Brantz, a two-time Emmy winner, writer, and illustrator who is currently employed at BuzzFeed, gave the following comment:

    "As a professional artist and animato, who has studied the female figure and altered Disney Princesses on a regular basis, it is in my expert opinion that Lily James' waistline was definitely altered with CGI. Unless she 'waist trained' for a year before the movie, which is unlikely."

    If you have any expertise you'd like to share, send me an email: rossalyn.warren@buzzfeed.com