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    Drake Went To Wimbledon And Looked Utterly Thrilled To Be There

    Please stay in England forever, Drake.

    Over the last week, Drake has blessed England with his glorious presence.

    Yesterday, as Wimbledon took place in London, the singer decided to swing by to hang out with some his BFF tennis stars.

    Here is a picture of Drake and Djoker. Just, like: Here it is.

    He shared some of his cherished moments on Instagram.

    He even hung out with some tennis players' mums.

    Can't be too sad when I have this gem! @Drake and Mama Anderson!! @Borborse: "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom"

    Excellent Mean Girls reference, there.

    He was seen sitting behind dream couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend at one point.

    At times, Drake seemed a little unhappy to be there.

    In other moments, he stared intensely off into the distance.

    But thankfully, he was his cheery self when he met tennis champion Venus Williams. Here they are, giggling away.

    They even shared a hug, sealing their friendship forever.

    But the best photo of Drake is this one with him looking very happy standing alongside former World number 1 tennis player, Billie Jean King.

    So fun to catch up with @Drake today at #Wimbledon

    Come back to England anytime, Drake <3