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Are You A "Good Guy" Or Are You A Serial Killer?

Ugh, the friend zone sucks, am I right, guys??

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Last week, this photo of a flyer that detailed the ways in which women don't appreciate "good guys" went viral.

A 100% non serial killer thing to do is just print this up and put it up all over town with black duct tape

Twitter user Matt Collins said he spotted the creepy flyer – written anonymously – taped up with black duct tape around his hometown.

The note – which originally went viral on Tumblr in January – reads:

"OK, ladies.

I get it.

You don't want a pleasant evening chat.

You don't want a gentleman to walk you to your car.

You don't want a friendly dude to help you carry your groceries... or hold open the door... or crush the life out of other men that would do you harm.

Fine - fear the good guys... I guess we'll have to just suffer through watching you get broken over and over by the scum you think you love.

But I want you to know – it's not easy and it hurts to see you fall.

Give the good guys a chance to help you be less afraid of the world."

Many women said the message in the flyer was exactly why they're terrified of men who try to convince them they're just "nice guys".

@mitchberghini serious- any guy who tells me "I'm a nice guy" makes me run faster than a doped Olympic track athlete


Others likened the note's creepy message to the ramblings of a serial killer.

"@mitchberghini "I swear officer, it's not my fault she ended up dead. I was only trying to prove to her how nice I am."

So we're here to help men figure out if they're a good guy who's just misunderstood or, in fact, probably a serial killer.

  1. Check off all the statements that apply to you:

    You like being a gentleman by walking ladies to their cars
    You wish women would sometimes just want a pleasant evening chat
    You consider yourself a friendly dude!
    You want to help carry women’s groceries when they’re struggling
    You open the door for women when their fragile female hands are unable to
    You would crush the life out of any man who may cause harm to a woman who you liked
    You have used the phrase “crush the life out of someone"
    You suspect that women are fearful of nice guys
    You find it difficult to understand why some women want to see men in pain
    You would never break a woman’s heart over and over again
    It hurts you when you see women fall for people who aren’t nice like you :(
    You just wish you could teach women how to be less afraid of the world
    At times, you consider typing up your feelings about women and printing it out as a reminder of the pain you often feel
    You think about sharing your feelings about women on printed flyers and posting them around your town
    You think using black duct tape to tape up flyers that detail your frustration with women would really draw attention to how sane your opinions truly are
    In fact, you think women always go for scum – you know, the type who would never go into intricate detail about why other men are worse than you
    The men who don’t even ​*own* a roll of black duct tape for nice-guy emergencies like these
    The men who wouldn't sit there after posting up one of those flyers in your hometown, patiently waiting for a woman to walk by, stop, read it, and say: “Do you know what, this sign has really moved me. Maybe I should go for a good guy after all."
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