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    An Artist Is Making Incredible Halloween Costumes Of Her Favourite Characters

    BuzzFeed News spoke to Christine McConnell, the artist behind these gorgeous handmade costumes.

    Christine McConnell is an LA-based artist, photographer, and baker well-known for sharing snaps of herself dressed in glamorous 1940s-style outfits with her 116,000 Instagram followers.

    She also posts snaps of the unusual cakes and cookies inspired by horror films.

    And when it comes to Halloween later this week, Christine McConnell certainly has a wide selection of costumes to choose from to celebrate the spooky occasion.

    McConnell has been creating incredible handmade Halloween-inspired costumes of characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, Catwoman, the Gatekeeper (from Ghostbusters), and Wonder Woman.

    McConnell told BuzzFeed News she was inspired to create the costumes by growing up with the characters as a child.

    "I always dreamed of living their lives," she said. "When I grew up I realised no one but me would ever make that I took matters into my own hands!"

    McConnell said the more complicated costumes can take up to a week to design and create, but the cost rarely exceeds $100.

    "It can be hard doing everything yourself, but it's a lot cheaper and I seem to work well on my own," she said.

    "I buy a lot of props and supplies from estate sales and make things over buying them whenever I can, so that helps make it affordable and forces me to learn new things."

    The self-taught artist and photographer says the reaction to her costumes has been overwhelming positive.

    "People seem to love them! I never went to school for any of this and I don't use patterns, so people seem to think that's neat."

    Her favourite costume is Lisa from Weird Science as the character was a family favourite. Although the costume only took one hour to make, it took a day to set up the photo setting.

    She described the fun that she had creating the snap above:

    "I turned the living room into a set and created a door out of a foamcore board, painted it and smashed it out. I also broke up several pieces of wood and scattered them on the floor. I had eerie lights going on, a fog machine pumping, and Oingo Boingo on the stereo. It's the most fun I've ever had!"

    So what will McConnell be wearing for Halloween this week?

    "I'm currently working on a Beetlejuice Costume... I'm a little in love with Tim Burton!"