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An Artist Is Making Incredible Halloween Costumes Of Her Favourite Characters

BuzzFeed News spoke to Christine McConnell, the artist behind these gorgeous handmade costumes.

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Christine McConnell is an LA-based artist, photographer, and baker well-known for sharing snaps of herself dressed in glamorous 1940s-style outfits with her 116,000 Instagram followers.

"I buy a lot of props and supplies from estate sales and make things over buying them whenever I can, so that helps make it affordable and forces me to learn new things."


She described the fun that she had creating the snap above:

"I turned the living room into a set and created a door out of a foamcore board, painted it and smashed it out. I also broke up several pieces of wood and scattered them on the floor. I had eerie lights going on, a fog machine pumping, and Oingo Boingo on the stereo. It's the most fun I've ever had!"

So what will McConnell be wearing for Halloween this week?

"I'm currently working on a Beetlejuice Costume... I'm a little in love with Tim Burton!"