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These Are The Most Terrifying, Ghostly GIFs On The Internet

Kevin Weir made these imaginative GIFs using historical photos and they are creeeeepy.

Art director and designer Kevin Weir has created something new: a set of haunting, black-and-white GIFs of vintage photos that bring the subjects and scenery to life.

For the GIFs, Weir uses historic photos from the Library of Congress photo stream of portraits and war scenes. Many of the photos have rarely been seen by most of the public.

When asked about the inspiration behind his absurd GIFs, Weir told BuzzFeed News, "I think that's just where my imagination goes."

"I just like making weird stuff. H.P. Lovecraft is a pretty strong influence on these, with that feeling of unknowable horror lurking at the edges of society."

(H.P. Lovecraft was an American horror fiction author who achieved posthumous fame.)

Weir added, "Also, history was pretty grim and brutal. I think I'm tapping into that a little bit too."