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    • rosaw

      Gender dysphoria is a real and treatable psychological disorder, and every single reputable psychological association in America agrees that the correct course of treatment (if the patient should choose thus) is to medically transition - that is, to be offered hormone treatment and other forms of therapy. People’s analogies to other random wishes are irrelevant. Prisoners DO have rights, and in prison they have the right to basic healthcare. If a trained psychologist examines Chelsea and confirms that she suffers from gender dysphoria, then there literally is no debate. She deserves, needs and has the right to the correct course of treatment. Denying her this is the equivalent to, say, denying a manic depressive their anti-depressant drugs - doing so could seriously put their life in danger, as could denying Chelsea Manning her hormone therapy if this is deemed the correct course of treatment for her.

    • rosaw

      I think it’s fair enough that you don’t like the show - the reasons you give are fairly sound (although I really think that the creator of the show intends for us to hate Piper a bit by the end, she really does act like an asshat a lot of the time and it’s important that she is clearly in the wrong on a few occasions so we can develop sympathy for Alex and Larry.) I have to dispute you on one point, though - too much gratuitous sex? Really? In all of 13 episodes I remember only 4 sex scenes (2 between Nichols and Morello, 2 between Mendez and Day), 1 kind-of sex scene that lasted for all of 1 second (Piper and Alex), 3 ‘make-out scenes’ (Piper and Alex, Piper and Larry and Daya and Bennett) and one masturbation scene. (To clarify - there may be more, but they don’t spring to mind.) And none of them were explicit at all. Personally I think this was the minimum they could have shown without it not looking like they ever had sex, and all sex scenes were there to fulfil important plot points. So I disagree. I do like the show, but I find some of the situations highly ridiculous (yes, I know it’s based on a non-fiction novel. But still) and equally some of the characters a bit beyond belief. But I have never been to a prison, so who knows.

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