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Here's Who Should Star In The "Jumanji" Reboot

Which one of you idiots rolled five or eight?

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Sony Pictures recently confirmed a reboot of 1995's Jumanji is in the works and scheduled for release on Christmas Day, 2016.

Although the idea of a fresh take on the film is exciting, the general reaction to the news has been less than enthused:

you don't need to remake goddamn jumanji because it's already perfect

No, just no 20th Century Fox. You cannot remake or reboot #Jumanji. Leave it alone. #RIPRW


Maybe @SonyPictures forgot how it works. Refresher: you are supposed to remake the bad movies, not the good ones. #Jumanji #90sChild

Despite the outcry, Sony is pretty darn set on rolling the dice again, so we put together what would be the ultimate Jumanji dream cast for the reboot.


Alan Parrish played by Bill Hader

Robin Williams's shoes cannot and will not ever be filled, but Bill Hader has the dynamic skills to capture the comedy and heartbreaking tragedy in Alan Parrish's life.