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    17 People Who Won't Let Anything Come Between Them And Their Wine

    It's Winesday somewhere.

    1. The renegade who just made the swankiest upcycled birdhouse ever.

    2. The lush who decided home is wherever the opened bottle of wine is.

    3. The sprite who christened their tool kit right.

    4. This Prince Charming who just found his Cinderella.

    5. The wino who gave no forks.

    6. The maverick who spooned her way to salvation.

    7. The daredevil who was willing to risk no less than three fingers to drink-a the vino.

    8. The crafty imbiber who cut straight to the point.

    9. The girl who proved Mommy Dearest wrong.

    10. This lucky charm that beat all odds.

    11. The Wood Shop Teacher of the Year.

    12. The guy that put his sole into it.

    13. The conservationist who made sure the entire transaction was recyclable.

    14. The hero who took the term "wine key" a bit too literally.

    15. The freak with jaws of steel.

    16. The world traveler who brings class and ingenuity wherever they may go.

    17. And these campers who wisely chose plastic over glass.