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May 2017
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    RollingintheBooks commented on 33 Brides Shared Their Wedding Regrets, And They Are Spot-On

    I don't regret not having a cake at our wedding. It's time consuming to take the pictures, do the cutesy feeding each other; plus, almost no one eats it and they're ridiculously expensive.

    3 months ago

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    RollingintheBooks commented on What Was Your "OMG, Am I Old?" Moment?

    Sleeping just a tiny bit wrong will give me a crick in the neck for a couple of days, and my joints ache when the weather changes. Also, having dinner too late at night will give me heartburn.

    4 months ago

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    RollingintheBooks commented on Tell Us The Most Annoying Thing Your Sibling-In-Law Has Done To You

    My fiancé and I got engaged in late 2015. We planned our wedding for summer 2017, so we could save up for the event and a house. March 2017 rolls around, and my brother announces his GF is pregnant and they're getting married in a small ceremony. I congratulate him and offer to help… 

    5 months ago

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    RollingintheBooks commented on Have You Ever Gotten A Message From The Dead?

    My boyfriend passed away in 2011 from a stroke. About a week after he passed, I received a text message from his phone. It said, "Good night, I love you." Of course I freaked out and started crying and went to show my mom. She called my boyfriend's mom and asked her, and she was super… 

    4 years ago

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