19 Ridiculously Sexist Adverts From The Present Day

    Thanks to the Self-Rescuing Princess Society for these.

    If you thought that casually sexist advertising died with the vintage era, get ready for a shock.

    1. Pritt made a pink glue for girls.

    2. And apparently "boots", "swinging" and "magic" are boy-words.

    3. Obviously girls can't do maths...

    4. ... Because their heads are full of other matters.

    5. Then there's this.

    6. And also this.

    7. This image advertises a game for children.

    8. Let's all celebrate freedom with a pubescent waxing session!

    9. Oh! OK then.

    10. This isn't an advert for sun tan lotion, or curtains. It's for beer.

    11. As is this one.

    12. Did Dora actually need a makeover?

    13. Wow. Way harsh, Tai.

    14. I wonder.

    15. What.

    16. Reduced fat string cheese is female because when women eat string cheese they worry about fat content.

    17. Yeah, go ahead. It's not like she can see you.

    18. Oh, you think this vodka advert is in poor taste?

    19. Try this one.