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16 Pets That Are So Fat They're Going To Bootcamp

These obese cats, dogs and bunnies are embarking on a diet and exercise programme from the PDSA.

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1. Meet Diesel the boxer. He's four years old, he's from Poole, and his favourite food is Custard Cream biscuits. He's also double the weight he should be.


Diesel is one of 17 obese pets trying to lose weight on PDSA's Pet Fit Club, the animal charity's annual slimming competition. It involves a six-month programme of tailored eating and exercise plans overseen by PDSA vets and nurses. Here are the other competitors (and their snacks of choice).


Pet Fit Club can work - last year's winner, a Jack Russell named Ruby, lost over a stone during the six month stint.

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Keep an eye on these pets' progress, and find out more about the PDSA's Pet Fit Club.