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This Is The Most Adorable Batman Proposal You'll See Today

And he enlisted Disney princesses and superheroes to help him along.

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Drinking coffee in Cardiff one day, Jamie-Lee Johnson was shocked when Disney princess Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) came in to pass her a note.

The note was from Jamie-Lee's boyfriend, Matthew Hill. Belle then escorted Jamie-Lee outside...

... Where a flashmob was waiting for her.

Jamie-Lee didn't seem to know quite what to make of it.

Especially when the flashmob started growing...

And growing.

Next, the mob escorted the now-tearful Jamie-Lee down the street.

Where this ragtag collection of superheroes was hiding her final surprise.

Jamie-Lee's boyfriend Matthew, who had ducked out of the coffee shop earlier to get into his Batman costume

Thankfully without Batman's signature growl, Matthew got down on one knee and said "Jamie-Lee, I love you, will you marry me?"

AND JAMIE-LEE SAID YES! (You now have permission to ugly-cry)

"I really wanted to make something special," Matthew told the Daily Mail. "Jamie is a dancer and loves Disney and I love super heroes."

Jamie-Lee had no idea that this planned: "I thought I was going shopping with my birthday money. I got very emotional when I realised. I started crying straight away."

Congratulations, Jamie-Lee and Matthew!

Here's the whole video.

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Robin approves.