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24 Important Lessons You Learn On Your Wedding Day

No one cares about edible glitter.

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1. Comfy shoes are a must.

You'll spend the day marching up the aisle, running around scenic locations with the photographer, first-dancing, and glad-handing apparently every single person in the world. Change into some pretty flip-flops before you start to flag. Your aching hooves will thank you.


8. Put someone else in charge of storing and collecting your belongings.

Otherwise you risk driving off in your Just-Marriedsmobile with your phone charger, no phone, your bouquet, someone else's lip gloss, and a single sock (speaking from experience).


9. It might seem like a big deal at the time if tiny things go wrong – like the flowers not turning up or the DJ playing the wrong stuff – but you won't remember it later, in the larger scheme of things.

11. Accept all drinks offered.

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Saying "We've had such a lovely day" 500 times is thirsty work, and you have to talk to EVERYONE, so it's going to be hard to get to the bar. People love doing stuff for the bridal couple, so accept all drinks offered.


19. There will be at least one person you don't spend enough time with – whether it's your mother or your spouse or someone who travelled overseas to be with you.

You're so busy working the room, you will forget to get some cherished times with the people that matter the most.