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21 Things That Will Definitely Happen During The Election Campaign

Sales of hard hats go up while shit goes down.

1. A minor party candidate will say something ridiculous and be forced to resign.

AFR / Thinkstock

2. This will happen more than once. / Thinkstock

3. Sales of hard hats will go through the roof.

AAP / Getty

4. While out campaigning, a senior politician will be photographed standing in front of a sign that makes them look very foolish.

Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

5. Bill Shorten will have a very awkward conversation with a Regular Person.

6. Leigh Sales will interview the prime minister and will immediately be accused of being a left-wing luvvie.

News Corp / ABC

7. Shortly after that, she’ll be accused of being a right-wing hack.

Guardian / ABC

8. A candidate will be caught out knowing nothing about his own party’s policy.

BuzzFeed / Channel 10

9. A random member of the public will confront the prime minister on live TV.

AAP / Thinkstock

10. She'll become an overnight sensation.

Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

11. Someone will make a dance version of her rant.

Thinkstock / Pedestrian.Tv

12. Then there'll be a Cranky Sue parody twitter account.

13. A politician will have a weird interaction with children.


14. A punter will follow a leader around in a chicken suit making some sort of vague point.

Alan Porritt / AAPIMAGE

15. An actor appearing in a TV ad will turn out to have just been playing a character.

Daily Telegraph / Thinkstock

16. An MP will be forced to pose for a very awkward photo.

Alan Porritt / AAPIMAGE

17. A politician will use a very dubious hashtag.


18. A senior politician, not realising there’s a microphone on, will be recorded insulting an angry member of the public.

The 'Tiser / AAP

19. There will be dank memes.

20. Waleed will nail it.

21. And finally, a female politician will make an important policy announcement and people will talk about her outfit.

DailyMail / Getty